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Cover photo of the exiting U.K. pavilion via DepositPhotos.

Brexit: U.K. pavilion leaving Epcot

"Epcexit" joins "Brexit" in the lexicon. LONDON & WALT DISNEY WORLD -- As the Parliament of the United Kingdom continue to sort out the logistics of implementing 2016's vote to leave the European Union, one consequence is clear: the United Kingdom pavilion at Epcot will no longer be a part of the World Showcase. The U.K's Ambassador to Walt Disney World, Conrad Begbie, served written notice to park management on Wednesday that the pavilion would "no longer be part of the community of ... Read more

Half of Disney’s Avengers-themed projects mysteriously disappear

"Dust in the wind... all we are is dust in the wind..." Ever since the Disney Company brought Marvel and its stable of superheroes into the fold, they have wasted no time in developing shows and attractions based on Marvel properties. From the Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout ride at California Adventure to the as yet unnamed roller coaster taking over the former Energy pavilion at Epcot, and from Groot-shaped churros [Ed.: This is actually brilliant, and should be a thing. ... Read more
Six Flags owner John L. Ama wears his MGAGA hat. Adapted from photo by Gregory Rec/Staff Photographer/CNBC.

New Six Flags owner vows to “Make Great America Great Again”

Greatness will only get you so far. GURNEE, IL -- The new owner of Six Flags vowed that he will "Make Great America Great Again", in reference to the company's flagship amusement park, Six Flags Great America. John L. Ama, a Wauconda resident, [Ed.: No, not Wakanda. Black Panther is from Wakanda. We're talking about Wauconda, which is a small village in Lake County, IL.] met with the media and members of the public at a hastily assembled press conference, where it appeared that ... Read more
More money, less time with your family! Photo by Roosewelt Pinheiro [CC BY 3.0 br] via Wikimedia Commons &

Adventures by Disney: new “A Wrinkle in Time” Experience

Want to get away from it all, and then get right back to it? Looking to spend as little quality time with family as possible? CELEBRATION, FL -- Adventures by Disney has quickly become the go-to organization for well-planned vacations, particularly for families who are either too wealthy for their own good or too lazy to do research and book trips on their own. After some success with longer excursions, Disney recognized that many families do not actually want to spend much ... Read more
Pyongyang Park. Photo by Kristoferb [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Rumor: Epcot to add North Korea pavilion!

The thaw in international tensions may affect Walt Disney World. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- As people around the world continue to closely watch the drama unfolding on the Korean peninsula, Disney fans may have an additional reason to cheer. With decades-old tensions relaxing, giving rise to the possibility of reconciliation between North and South Korea, rumors are flying that Epcot may add another country to World Showcase: North Korea! Given the success of Disneyland Pyongyang, it was likely only a matter of time ... Read more