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Disneyland Texas drops mask requirement

Maybe they'll also make Sleeping Beauty Castle look like Cinderella Castle with a Texas flag; or, the media guy was too lazy to create a new image and just reused one from a 2017 article. Photo by depositphotos.com.

God bless Texas.

DISNEYLAND TEXAS, TX — The State of Texas continues to lead the push to return to normal following the Covid-19 pandemic, with Disneyland Texas formally dropping its mask requirements for guests. The change will be in effect immediately.

The park is the first of Disney’s 37 parks worldwide to lift the rule. Disney (the company) spokesperson Jun Disney (no relation) confirmed the change.

We really need to rename “common” sense

“Cast Members will still be required to mask, including the it’s a small world dolls,” Disney (no relation) says. “But for everyone else, we’re just asking for common sense: don’t go in public if you’re sick, cover your coughs and sneezes, wash your hands, and don’t lick anyone not in your family or group.”

Why Texas? Disney (no relation) was thoughtful.

“Well, first, because they’ve lifted any statewide mandates. But mostly because we see more common sense here. Who knows, maybe it’ll spread to the other Disney parks.”

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Cover photo: Disneyland Texas’ castle, before it was covered with a mask. Photo by depositphotos.com.