Uncle Walt’s Insider Week in Review for March 1 |

Uncle Walt’s Insider Week in Review for March 1

Uncle Walt's Insider Week in Review

Here’s what you missed while doing something much less important! 

Appearing this past week on Uncle Walt’s Insider:


(STEP) MOM’S PANEL: WHERE IS THE RESTAURANT IN WALT DISNEY WORLD? – Hey, the (Step) Mom’s Panel doesn’t write the questions – usually – but we’ll answer them!


UNCLE WALT’S INSIDER FOOD BLOG: JOFFREY’S IN-ROOM COFFEE – Our food experts tackle the most important meal of the day — coffee!


BREAKING: ALL FUTURE DISNEY CEO’S TO BE NAMED “BOB” – Yet another instance of the company passing its leadership from one Bob to another!


(STEP) MOM’S PANEL: WE HAD A REALLY GOOD ARTICLE SET TO RUN – But Marty forget to click the schedule button. We’ll run it next week.


DISNEY TESTS NEW “FULL IMMERSION” VERSION OF THE JUNGLE CRUISE – Guests report hearing Celine Dion singing just before they went under.


SPACE 220 RESTAURANT OPENING DELAYED — AND WE KNOW WHY! – Turns out getting guests to and from their table in space is more complicated than we thought.

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