Uncle Walt’s Insider Week in Review for June 21 |

Uncle Walt’s Insider Week in Review for June 21

Uncle Walt's Insider Week in Review

Here’s what you missed while doing something much less important! 

Appearing this past week on Uncle Walt’s Insider:


(STEP) MOMS PANEL: DO YOU GIVE ADVICE ON ROMANCE? – When it comes to relationship advice, our (Step)Moms are full of it! As long as we don’t have to commit to an answer.


NEW MINNIE VANS DESTINATION: UNIVERSAL STUDIOS – Now Disney’s rideshare is going to a competitor. Is there nothing Disney won’t do for a buck?


DISNEY PARKS WILL NOW REOPEN AT FULL CAPACITY, CALLING CROWDS A “PROTEST” – The virus knows to keep its distance. It’s Science.


(STEP) MOMS PANEL: HOW MANY LICKS DOES IT TAKE TO GET TO THE CENTER OF A TOOTSIE POP? – Ah, the age-old philosophical question. Our (Step)Moms know all about suckers..


BREAKING: MNSSHP REPLACED WITH MICKEY’S VERY SCARY NO-MASK PARTY – Suddenly Disney’s usual no-mask policy is much scarier!


PROTESTER SETS UP MAIN STREET U.S.A. AUTONOMOUS ZONE AT MAGIC KINGDOM – The unnamed demonstrator looked slightly familiar…

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