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Magic Kingdom to get VIP parking lot – lagoon temporarily drained

For months now, guests have observed survey work at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, but the Disney Company has kept a tight lid on information about the reasons for it. Now, though, they have finally come forward to announce that a new parking garage will be built at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom. As far as parking garages go, Disney has tossed down the gauntlet on the design, which will feature a ... Read more
Disney Dream Damage. Photo by, via Twitter @PTZtv.

News Brief: Updates for October 29

Disney Dream damaged while Captain's teenage son "practicing" Disney Cruise Line confirmed today that the damage caused on September 30 to the Disney Dream (pictured above) was due to the cruise ship's captain allowing his son to "practice parallel parking." Company spokesmen refused to comment on any potential discipline, citing employee confidentiality. The damage has been repaired. Doc's medical credentials questioned Documents have surfaced indicating that Doc from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs never actually completed medical school. In a statement, the Disney Company ... Read more
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft Castle and Wizardry replica at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Attraction, at Universal Studio, Osaka, Japan.

Disney cast member celebrates 100,000th guest asking “Harry Potter land” location

Longtime Walt Disney World cast member Peter Mansur, 35, recently celebrated having his 100,000th guest ask him the location of "Harry Potter land." As a Magic Kingdom custodial cast member, Mansur not only looks out for the cleanliness of the parks, but often finds himself answering guest questions. "A lot of the questions are the usual ones we've gotten here forever," Mansur reports. "You know, stuff like 'Where's the nearest restroom?' when we're right in front of one, or 'What time does the ... Read more
Entrance to Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood to build new “Universal Studios Florida” area

West Coast residents will no longer have to travel to Orlando to be able to experience the fun and atmosphere of Universal Studios Florida, as the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park will soon be home to a new section devoted to its Florida cousin. Universal company officials announced today that construction will soon begin on the as yet unnamed area. "We've tossed around a few different ideas about how best to bring a new experience to our visitors," Universal Parks spokesperson Dante ... Read more
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Wisconsin family wishes they had spent more money at Walt Disney World

In a Twitter post that has since gone viral, being repeatedly shared on Facebook, Instagram, and having over 237,000 retweets at time of publication, a Wisconsin father expressed disappointment that his family hadn't spent more money on their recent trip to the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Busman, who uses the Twitter handle @sbuswhatup, last Thursday posted this about his family's recent visit to Florida: "Just back from Disney. Really thought it would cost more. Huh. #confused" Cross Plains, Wisconsin, resident Steve Busman ... Read more