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Yes, the Netherlands has Churros and Churro trucks -- but why are the Churros "backed"? Those silly Dutch. Photo by Uncle Walt, used without permission.

A WWWD Special Report: The failure of Disney+

Disney's new streaming service apparently won't have anything good. OLD HOLLAND, NETHERLANDS -- Our very own Uncle Walt has been traveling the globe for his upcoming book, The Global Churro. While visiting the Netherlands, our beloved [Ed.: And most favorited UWI Author, based on a recent round of voting by the team.] [Marty: I don't remember voting] Uncle Walt found himself unable to enjoy local television. So he did what everyone else would do: he turned to the Internet. This is his ... Read more
What Would Walt Do? You ask, Uncle Walt answers!

Hey Walt, now that Galaxy’s Edge is open, what land should Disney build next?

Yippie-ki-yay, M...ickey. Today's question: "Hey, Walt, now that Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is almost open, what land should Disney build next?" Submitted by Link Artletter, Los Angeles, CA Hi Link, Thanks for asking. I've been walking the empty sidewalks of Main Street all week pondering this same question. I've popped in and out of Imagineering asking this same question. When Iger and I were discussing his move to UWI after retirement, I asked this same question. Truth be told, there is only one idea that Disney has, ... Read more
What Would Walt Do? You ask, Uncle Walt answers!

Hey Walt, does Disney World have a court system?

“Ask Uncle Walt” is a regular feature of Uncle Walt’s Insider: you ask, Walt answers! Today's question: "Hey Walt, does Disney World have a court system?" Submitted by "Asking for a friend", Sanford, FL Hi, Thanks for asking. This question actually comes up quite a bit in conversation with my loyal fan base for some reason. Most think that because Disney created a small local government entity, maintains their own fire department, has a private security force -- and their own submarine fleet -- that they would ... Read more
UncleWalts.com 2018 Year in Review

2018 – An Uncle Walt’s Insider Year in Review

You get a list of our top articles, and we get to knock out an easy filler article. Win-win! UNCLE WALT'S INSIDER H.Q., SVALBARD -- It is that time of the year, where we wonder why we took all of the time to put up all of these lights and decorations only to take them down a month later. It is also the time when all of the various media outlets do those annoying countdowns from things that happened throughout the year. ... Read more
Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Always knew they were a bunch of slackers. UNCLE WALT'S INSIDER H.Q., SVALBARD -- Originally this was going to be one of those typical "Happy Boxing Day!" type posts. But instead we, or rather I, must put out this Help Wanted ad. You see, I came into the office yesterday on Christmas Day to tell the boys that they could cut out early. The parking lot was mostly empty, which is normal as none of the boys can afford a car. The only ... Read more