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Hey Walt, does Disney World have a court system?

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Today’s question:

“Hey Walt, does Disney World have a court system?”

Submitted by “Asking for a friend”, Sanford, FL


Thanks for asking. This question actually comes up quite a bit in conversation with my loyal fan base for some reason.

Most think that because Disney created a small local government entity, maintains their own fire department, has a private security force — and their own submarine fleet — that they would also have a jail and court system. Well, there is a jail that is well documented. (In fact, the Pirates of the Caribbean jail scene took inspiration from actual events at the Disneyland jail.)

But a court system? Yes, they do!

Reedy Creek can do anything

While Disneyland just relies on Anaheim and Orange County for its court services, Walt Disney World has its own court system: the Reedy Creek Courts. Most people see this and assume people are talking about one of the many basketball courts built into Disney attractions, but you don’t want to find yourself bouncing any balls in this court. It is very real, and the judges do not take any goofing around. (Except from the characters, but they usually don’t take part in trials.)

Ronaldo Ypsilanti is one of the Reedy Creek staff attorneys who prosecutes crimes in Disney court. “We only deal with minor offenses. All of the big crimes get sent to the county courts. I’m here just for the usual stuff.”

Usual stuff? We pressed for more answers. “Well, as you’re well aware, Disney likes to keep a lid on things. So we don’t really get to talk about crime at Walt Disney World. But I assure you, there is plenty of it. For instance, today I filed charges against one Martha Heckler, age 87, for Speeding in her ECV, and an Unsafe Lane Change that resulted in a three-stroller pile up on Main Street during post-pyro egress operations. I can assure you that she will pay the price for her transgressions.

Not drunk or disorderly

“And then there was that group of young ladies last year during the International Food and Wine Festival. They limited themselves to one alcoholic drink per hour, and were well-behaved and respectful! That’s just unacceptable. As you might suspect just by observing, we’ve actually enacted a regulation requiring large groups to drink excessively and generally act obnoxious and such. They spend more money when they do this, and it encourages others to do the same. Everyone loves large groups of drunks! See, the secret is we get them coming, going, and in-between! It’s a win-win for cast members and stockholders alike!

“So yeah. Normally it’s just traffic citations, minor scuffles, and the occasional murder.”

There you have it. What you have just read about is real. The participants are real. The cases are real. Churros are real. If you break a law or rule at Walt Disney World, you might just end up in court. The Reedy Creek District Court.

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