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Animatronic Grinch arrives at Disneyland

Animatronic Grinch arrives at Disneyland's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

Just in time for the holidays! Kind of.

ANAHEIM, CA — Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is still just months away from opening, and we’ve spotted another audio-animatronic figure arriving at the Disneyland Resort! 

As Uncle Walt’s Insider has reported, Disney already installed less popular figures from the Star Wars Universe: Jar Jar Binks and Bea Arthur’s Ackmena from the Star Wars Holiday Special; old, frozen General Leia; dancing Han Solo; and CGI Grand Moff Tarkin.

Stink, stank, stunk

Today’s character spotting is more in line from when the Minions showed up: it’s the Grinch. And not the lovable original version, but the repulsive, unnecessary Jim Carrey version. But then, as the saying goes, Disney works in mysterious ways.

Sources tell Uncle Walt’s Insider that placing unlikable characters in Galaxy’s Edge is a strategy to avoid large, unmanageable crowds in the early months of the area’s operation.

Which bad Star Wars characters would you like to see animatronics of? Comment below!

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