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Animatronic dancing Han Solo arrives at Disneyland

Animatronic Dancing Han Solo arrives at Disneyland.

We’re starting to sense a pattern.

ANAHEIM, CA — In what is an apparent attempt to keep crowds manageable after the highly-anticipated opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, another less-than-exciting audio-animatronic figure has been spotted arriving at the Disneyland Resort.

As Uncle Walt’s Insider reported, Disney already installed less popular figures from the Star Wars Universe: Jar Jar Binks and Bea Arthur’s Ackmena from the Star Wars Holiday Special. But even the arrival of beloved central character Princess Leia was marred. Somehow the Imagineers chose to create the old, frozen General Leia version of the character, not the younger one wearing a space bikini.

Kinecting with new audiences?

Once again a main character’s animatronic has arrived at the park, and once again fans are disappointed. This time, it’s Han Solo, the lovable rogue smuggler who appeared in every Star Wars film from the first/IVth one until he was killed by his son Ben/Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens. (Er, spoilers, I guess.)

But while Disney is installing a young version of Harrison Ford’s character, it’s apparently the ridiculous “dancing Han Solo” figure from XBox 360’s Kinect Star Wars game.

So is there any length to which Disney will not go to keep the park from overcrowding? What’s next, “Minions”?

Which bad Star Wars characters would you like to see animatronics of? Comment below!

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