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Animatronic Jar Jar arrives at Disneyland

Audio-animatronic of Jar Jar Binks arrives at Disneyland Park.

Everyone’s least favorite character will help keep crowds down.

ANAHEIM, CA — Another milestone in the construction of the new Star Wars-themed land at Disneyland Park: the arrival of a Jar Jar Binks audio-animatronic character.

The life-size figure of the annoying Gungan will be positioned in the main entrance to the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge area, interacting with guests, telling bad jokes, and occasionally singing. And the placement is apparently intentional.

Crowd control

“We anticipate huge numbers of people trying to pack into Galaxy’s Edge in its opening days, weeks and months,” says Disney spokesperson Jun Disney (no relation). “Obviously, overcrowding can be a safety issue, as well as creating long waits and a less pleasant guest experience. We think Jar Jar can help with that.”

Disney (no relation) continues, “You see, with Jar Jar Binks positioned at the entryway, guests will have to go past him to access the rest of the Star Wars experience. We anticipate that a good chunk of the crowd won’t want to deal with him, and will say, ‘You know what? We’ve waited years to see this. We can wait a little while more.'”

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is slated to open in Summer 2019 — but the opening may come sooner. “We’ve started putting Jar Jar in any area where construction is lagging,” Disney (no relation) shares. “It’s really made everyone work faster!”

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