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Not a Disney park. Photo courtesy Pixabay.

Universal Orlando names friendliest Team Member

Its their latest attempt to copy Disney improve guest service. ORLANDO, FL -- Universal Orlando Resort and Nail Salon has announced their first ever 'Friendliest Team Member of the Year.' The winner was selected by leaders based on feedback from actual guests. Keeping up with the Disneys Universal Orlando has long been thought of as 'The Other Theme Park in Orlando'. Known for their large collection of 3D motion simulators [Ed.: and not much else!], Universal is often people's sixth choice for entertainment when ... Read more
Possible new Disney park location in Michigan? Photo by rmhermen [CC-BY-SA-3.0] via Wikimedia Commons.

New information unfolds about Disneyland Escanaba

This is gonna be good! UNCLE WALT'S HEADQUARTERS, SVALBARD -- Now that the initial excitement (or outrage) about the new Disney theme park in Escanaba, Michigan has subsided, we put in a Skype call to our favorite Disney spokesperson, Jun Disney (no relation) to see if there are any new details that we can share with our readers. She mentioned that while there's not much that's been finalized yet, there were a few new details, and unfolded a sheet of paper. [Ed.: ... Read more
TV remote made from Pal Mickey.

Pal Mickey repurposed as TV remote

Batteries not included. PITTSFIELD TOWNSHIP, MI -- A self-described "Disney geek -- well, really, more of an overall geek" from a small town somewhat near Detroit has found a way to rescue her old Pal Mickey. Braidy Abelli, 23, says that the modification was "not really all that difficult." What is Pal Mickey? Back in the Early 2000's, Disney sold a plush Mickey toy known as Pal Mickey. But this was not just any plush mouse! Pal Mickey was an interactive toy, containing a ... Read more
Mug shot of Joe Rohde's Earring. Photo by alchetron.com [CC BY-SA 3.0].

Joe Rohde’s Earring implicated in more deaths

Rohde himself is not a suspect. BURBANK, CA -- Officials with the City of Burbank Police Department have confirmed that several recent deaths just outside the Imagineering headquarters in Glendale have now been officially attributed to Imagineer Joe Rohde's Earring. Rohde himself is not accused of any wrongdoing, and the deaths are being classified as "accidental." The Most Famous Earring in the (Disney) World? Most Disney fans are familiar with Imagineer Joe Rohde. Among many other things, he has worked on Spaceship Earth, The ... Read more

Disney website crashes after news of Escanaba park breaks

Sorry for the inconvenience, folks! THE INTERNET -- Disney's website crased on Friday. Disney spokesperson Barry Poppins (no relation) confirms "Apparently our servers were overloaded. After we got everything back up, we looked at the logs, and all we saw were searches for 'Escanaba', 'Upper Peninsula', and, for some reason, 'Jeff Daniels'. We're not sure of the connection." Well, we here at Uncle Walt's Insider know what the connection is. We recently broke the news that Disney is opening a park in Escanaba. ... Read more