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Disney website crashes after news of Escanaba park breaks

Sorry for the inconvenience, folks! THE INTERNET -- Disney's website crased on Friday. Disney spokesperson Barry Poppins (no relation) confirms "Apparently our servers were overloaded. After we got everything back up, we looked at the logs, and all we saw were searches for 'Escanaba', 'Upper Peninsula', and, for some reason, 'Jeff Daniels'. We're not sure of the connection." Well, we here at Uncle Walt's Insider know what the connection is. We recently broke the news that Disney is opening a park in Escanaba. ... Read more
Poorly cropped photo of Jun Disney (no relation) by By Okras [CC BY-SA 4.0] via Wikimedia Commons, modified.

Behind the Magic: An exclusive interview with a Disney Spokesperson

We take a break from theme park news to talk with someone who feeds us theme park news. UNCLE WALT'S HEADQUARTERS -- By now, our regular readers (all 3 of you) [Ed.: What? We're up to 3? Woohoo!] probably feel like you already know Jun Disney (no relation), a Disney (the company) spokesperson frequently cited in our articles. But today, we've got a special treat for you -- Jun has agreed to an exclusive interview with Uncle Walt's Insider! So today, you get to ... Read more
A patriotic tribute totally at Walt Disney World, really. Photo by Peter Lee [CC BY-NC 2.0] via Flickr.

A Patriot’s Guide to the 4th of July at Walt Disney World

Un-patriots need not apply. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- It's upon us once again -- that glorious day where we celebrate our nation's independence from the oppressive monarchy of Great Britain. The day where people prove their patriotism by getting drunk and then playing with explosives. But let's say that you're not at home, but on vacation. How do you celebrate freedom while at Walt Disney World? Grab your Eagles [Ed.: No, not those Eagles. Or those. Ok, maybe that one]! We're ... Read more
Possible new Disney park location in Michigan? Photo by rmhermen [CC-BY-SA-3.0] via Wikimedia Commons.

Disney to build park in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Say Ya to da UP, eh! ESCANABA, MI -- Following the recent discovery of a "Hidden Mickey" in a bowl of breakfast cereal, Disney has announced that they will be building a theme park just outside of Escanaba, Michigan. Escanaba? Seriously? Escanaba? Seriously. They said Escanaba. We caught up with Disney spokesperson Jun Disney (no relation) for the backstory. "After the discovery of the Hidden Mickey in the Corn Flakes, we took that as a sign that we really should take a closer look at ... Read more
Inconsistently rainy day at Tomorrowland. Photo by Simon Kellogg [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr.

Guest complaint: “Rain at Walt Disney World is inconsistent”

StupidGuestTricks.com brings you this remarkable tale of guest absurdity. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- While at the Magic Kingdom during a rainstorm the other day, an Uncle Walt's Insider staff member stopped by Guest Relations to compliment a hard-working (and likely underpaid) Cast Member. While we were there, we overheard a rather newsworthy complaint: the guest at the next window was complaining that the rain was more inconsistent than it should be! The Rain, the Whole Rain, and Nothing but the Rain The unknown ... Read more