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Artists conception of the new Epcot Toontown Pavilion.

Toontown returns to WDW as Epcot pavilion

With Brexit taking away the U.K. pavilion, Epcot needs new content. ORLANDO, FL -- The Disney Company has put out a shocking press release stating that Toontown is returning to the Walt Disney World Resort -- this time as a pavilion in World Showcase at the E.P.C.O.T. Centre Theme Park, Resort and Spa. Robert A. "Bob" Iger, the Chairman, CEO, and Chief Churro Wrangler of The Walt Disney Company, first hinted at the change in a call to investors, stating that new pavilions ... Read more
Donald's Boat at Disneyland. Photo by Tours Departing Daily [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0] via Flikr.

Donald Duck’s Boat sinks in docking mishap

More maritime mayhem: the trend of ships hitting docks continues. TOONTOWN, U.S.A. -- In the latest maritime blunder, Donald Duck's Boat (and home) sunk while docking over the weekend. Cast members at Disneyland Park who witnessed the sinking first thought it was part of the recently-announced "shipboard shore excursions"; or possibly that Donald was allowing one of his nephews to dock the boat, similar to the Disney Dream incident. Initial reports from investigators Chip and Dale (in their Rescue Rangers outfits) point to ... Read more
Toontown Power House at Disneyland Park, California.

Disneyland power outage intentional; exposes Toontown/Fantasyland rift

Last week's power outage at Disneyland Park in California was not due to a "transformer problem," as Disney spokespersons initially reported. Uncle Walt's Insider has learned that the power supply was cut off intentionally by the Toontown Power House (pictured), and that the disruption was just the latest in an ongoing squabble between the park's Toontown and Fantasyland residents. Not a new issue "The bosses at Disney like to put out this perfect image of Disneyland, where everyone lives in harmony," Toontown spokesbunny ... Read more