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15 little-known facts about the Candlelight Processional!

Our little-known facts series continues, in spite of underwhelming demand! It's a spectacle of Christmas spirit like no other at Epcot and Disneyland! The Candlelight Processional combines an orchestra, massive choirs, and a celebrity narrator to celebrate the true meaning of the holiday season. (At least until Disney's current bent toward political correctness / inclusiveness / cultural sensitivity / etc. gets hold of it and turns it into a Kwanzachristmachanukafestivus show, led by Olaf singing "That Time of Year.") But do you know ... Read more
What Walt Disney World used to look like at Christmas time. Stock photo from DepositPhotos.

Walt Disney World cancels Christmas

He took all their presents, their ribbons, their wrappings, Their snoof and their fuzzles, their tringlers and trappings! WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- For decades, Disney has embraced the holidays, overloading their parks with festive garlands, lights, music, and shows. There were few places in the world that celebrated the season like Walt Disney World. But not this year. In yet another indicator that 2020 really sucks, [Ed.: Are professional journalists allowed to say "sucks" now?] [Marty: Forget professional journalists. How about us?] park officials announced ... Read more
News Brief Replay for January 3

Santa Stitch hijacks parade float – News Brief replay

It’s Filler Time! Uncle Walt’s will return with new material on January 7. Meanwhile, please enjoy this selection of News Briefs that previously ran. Père Noel and Father Christmas slap-fight witnessed All was not merry and bright at Epcot yesterday as two of Disney's Holiday Storytellers, Father Christmas from the United Kingdom pavilion and Père Noel from the France pavilion, were seen arguing loudly on the bridge between the two areas. Details of the argument were not readily available, but some guests report ... Read more
N*Sync narrating the Candlelight Processional. Photo courtesy

Squee!!! N*Sync to sing-narrate Candlelight Processional

Disney is getting more adventurous with the concept of "narration." WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- Walt Disney World and Disneyland have been telling the true story of Christmas in spoken word and song since the First Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. [Ed.: Hey, check this before publishing. I thought it didn't start until after the Reformation.] The Candlelight Processional features a full orchestra, a massive choir of Cast Members and random locals who own gold robes, the Voices of Liberty, jugglers, ... Read more
Around the World - Disney News Bits

Around the World: July news tidbits from WDW

There are a lot of news items that aren't funny enough or long enough for their own article! WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- While you've been lounging in your pajamas enjoying your summer vacation, Uncle Walt's Insider's intrepid reporters have been hard at work, surfing the internet for Disney news we can spoof, or failing that, just making stuff up. Also in your pajamas. (Sorry, we'll give them back eventually.)  Here are a few of the stories we're "covering": Rivers of Light Dessert Party Disney's ... Read more