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Song of the South *will* be available on Disney+

The cast of Song of the South, in their Nike gear. Photo courtesy Disney (the company).

No word yet on Sunflower the centaur or Dumbo‘s Jim Crow.

BURBANK, CA — The Internet has been blowing up with stories about Disney+ being tested in the Netherlands. While most fans are excited to be able to stream real Disney classics like Condorman and The Boatniks, one loyal Uncle Walt’s Insider fan anonymously [Thanks, Sebastiaan!] shared his findings on Disney+.

Not-Sebastiaan said, “There I was swiping through all of the garbage that Disney has put out over the years, looking for real classics like Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Inspector Gadget — the Matthew Broderick classic, not the cartoon — I saw that holy grail of movies for Disney fans: Song of the South! I couldn’t believe they actually had the guts to release this on Disney+! Maybe it’s just in the Netherlands so far, but it is coming!”

Your reporters at Uncle Walt’s Insider are currently collecting aluminum cans from the streets to raise money for at least one of us to fly to the Netherlands to investigate this for ourselves! Stay tuned to Uncle Walt’s Insider for confirmation on this breaking news!

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If Disney does release this, will it be a zip-a-dee-doo-da-day for you, or a tragic mistake? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover photo: The cast of Song of the South, in their Nike gear. Photo © Disney.