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Shopping experience coming to Disney park queues

Gift shop in Splash Mountain standby queue. Photo by rickpilot_2000 [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr.

Lines for Disney attractions used to just immerse you in the story. Now they’ll immerse you in commerce, too!

WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL & ANAHEIM, CA — Right on the heels of Disney announcing in-flight shopping on the Skyliner gondola system, Uncle Walt’s Insider has received news about an all-new shopping experience being added to attraction queues. That’s right, soon guests will be able to continue shopping even as they wait in line!

Loyal readers of Uncle Walt’s Insider [Ed.: How many are we up to? 4?] will remember our January article where Disney announced in-queue package delivery by drone courtesy of Amazon, but this experience promises to take shopping to a new level.

Disney (the company) spokesperson Jun Disney (no relation) shared this next exciting update: “We know that 73.5549% of our guests come to the parks primarily to shop, so we wanted to make their in-park shopping experience even better! Soon the work walls will go up and we will be adding shops to the entrance of every attraction!”

More convenient ways to spend

While certainly convenient, we couldn’t help but wonder if shoppers would have to ride the attraction with their purchases. “Not at all!” Disney (no relation) explained. “Guests will have the option of having their purchases held at the attraction exit, sent to their room, or dropped off via drone once they exit the building.”

The Walt Disney Company is well known for having their attractions exit into a gift shop. We asked Ms. Disney (no relation) if this meant stores would close. “Of course not,” she replied. “We know that sometimes wait times will be extremely short and you may not have the time to spend shopping, so we want to make sure you have time after visiting the attraction. It’s a win-win for guests and the company! Mostly the company!”

While popular attractions will host premium stores, guests who enjoy shopping at outlet malls will find outlet stores at the least visited attractions. We’re looking at you, Country Bear Jamboree…

What attraction are you looking forward to shopping at? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover photo of new gift shop in Splash Mountain standby queue by rickpilot_2000 [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr.