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13 surprising ways Walt Disney World is celebrating its 50th Anniversary

Flavor Flav's favorite castle. Photo © 2021 Disney.

The number one tourist destination in the world is solidly middle-aged now!

WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL – Fifty years! A lot has happened since Walt Disney World first opened its gates so long ago. There was Nixon, and, uh, disco, … something about the Berlin Wall… The moon landing? No, that was before. We really should have paid more attention in school.

Anyway, we at Uncle Walt’s Insider are so excited to be able to celebrate our favorite celebrity born in October of 1971 who isn’t Winona Ryder! And Walt Disney World is throwing a big party to celebrate itself, which is usually kind of tacky but we’ll roll with it.

Have you heard all of the details, like we have? Here are parts of the celebration that you might have missed:

The ceremonial joining of the AARP.

They’ve already received their official invitation in the mail.

Every fourth trash can on Main Street will be repainted.

No new designs or anything, just a new coat of paint. 

Two words: Castle Cake.

Or should that be Cake Castle? Which will terrify people more?

Limited time “Stay 50 Nights, Get One Night Free” promotion.

Deluxe hotels only.

Stage shows at Cinderella Castle will occasionally be replaced by crochet lessons.

Which means Entertainment is finally allowing performers older than 50.

Studio Catering Co FastpassThe return of FastPass at Studio Catering Company.

Also, the return of Studio Catering Company.

Special Fireworks Dinner for guests over 50.

Starting promptly at 4:30 p.m.

Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster will have the volume turned down. 

Curse those dang longhairs and their loud so-called “music”!

Cast Members will be trained to speak louder to guests.

Regardless of their age.

The Baby Care Centers will be add Nap Centers for all guests over 50 years of age.

That’s where you’ll find us.

DVC kiosks will be replaced with kiosks showcasing Magical Funerals® by Disney and Hospice by Disney

Tours will also be available.

Ground-breaking for construction of Epcot’s new Branson Pavilion.

We’re hoping SirWillow will cover this on his YouTube channel.

Everything will be changed back to how it was in 1971: Cast Member costumes, the Jungle Cruise script, having only one park and three resorts open… 

Well, not everything. The prices will be kept at 2021 levels.

Have you heard of any other 50th anniversary details? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover photo: Flavor Flav’s favorite castle. Photo © 2021 Disney. Inset photo by X, used without permission.