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Top 16 little-known facts about the Disney Vacation Club!

Our little-known facts series continues”!”

There are three things that make the Disney Vacation Club special. First, it’s Disney. And, um, it has to do with vacations. And it is a club! [Ed.: Hey, so that’s why it’s called that!]

Wait, there is a fourth thing: it somehow manages to be a time share without all the negative vibes associated with those words! But do you know everything there is to know about the Disney company’s amazing time-share-not-a-time-share?

If not, don’t despair! Uncle Walt’s Insider is here to provide some incredible, newly-written-discovered trivia about the Disney Vacation Club!

It was started in 1973 by the Taylor family in Hoboken, New Jersey.

They started saving loose change in a jar to finance a trip to Walt Disney World.

It’s named after the famous explorer, Dr. Albert Club.

Coincidentally, the club sandwich was actually named for John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. (Montagu was named for Gene Chandler, the first Duke of Earl.)

DVC Members are required to sign up to work on various maintenance projects at their home resorts.

Please plan your vacation wisely to allow time for manual labor.

You must be a DVC member to order a Club sandwich anywhere on Disney property.

Members only, sorry. (Also, wearing a Members Only jacket still won’t let you order one. We’ve tried.)

There is a hidden DVC member’s lounge in the rafters of the Enchanted Tiki Room.

That’s where you can find hidden DVC members.

Mickey Mouse isn’t just the president, he’s also a member.

But he was kicked out of the Hair Club for Men.

Following the “kickball incident,” members are no longer allowed to exchange their points for a night in Bob Iger’s house. 

Iger’s historical kickball collection has never been the same since.

DVC Members can still ride 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Submarine Voyage at the Magic Kingdom.

It’s also hidden in the rafters of the Enchanted Tiki Room.

Are you a member? You can turn on the lights in Space Mountain using the My DVC Experience App.

Sometimes even while riding it!

DVC members are eligible for a free “all you can experience” pass at Disney Springs’ NBA Experience.

Too soon? Probably too soon.

DVC points alone only let you stay in the property during the daytime.

Overnight stays require the purchase of Genie+.

There is an horse on the Carousel reserved just for Vacation Club members.

Yes. An actual horse.

DVC Members can visit the famous Club 33!

Assuming that they are members there, too.

There is an exclusive DVC-members-only event at Nostalgialand at Disneyland Escanaba

The highlight is riding the rebuilt Flying Saucer attraction!

Vacation Club members can purchase lifetime access to for only $4,999! 

The regular lifetime pass goes for a whopping $5,000! By Grapthar’s Hammer, what a savings.

And finally… DVC members receive exclusive access to Uncle Walt’s Insider articles edited to be 100% accurate! 

Disclaimer: this fact has not been reviewed for accuracy.

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