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What will the third gate be? Graphic courtesy

Rumor: Disneyland will add third theme park!

Normally we don't pass along rumors. We start them. ANAHEIM, CA -- Rumors are flying (or soon will be) after a major theme park news website broke the story that a third theme park may be added to the Disneyland Resort and Spa. The third park will join Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure. Although a name for the park and a specific location have not been revealed, it is suspected that Disney will try to copy the unqualified success of California Adventure. ... Read more
To be renamed Disney's National Lampoon's Vacation Adventure Theme Park. And the Disney Parks Moms Panel will have to spell that out each and every time they reference it. Photo © 1983 Warner Bros.

Disney in talks to acquire Walley World

California's first non-berry or -mouse related theme park is up for sale. ANAHEIM, CA -- Rumors have swirled for years about the Disneyland Resort adding a third park. Proposed locations have ranged from the Toy Story parking lot on Katella, to the Cast Member parking lot on Katella, to the Honda Center parking lot on Katella, to just having one long thin park down the length of Katella. Uncle Walt's Insider is happy to announce that none of those will be needed. Sources ... Read more
Third Disneyland park location. Photo © 2018 Google Street View.

Disney to add third park between Disneyland and California Adventure

The as-yet-unthemed park will be sandwiched in the plaza between the two current parks. ANAHEIM, CA -- As Uncle Walt's Insider mentioned yesterday in a brief article intended to lighten our workload on a holiday weekend, Disneyland was considering adding a third park to the Disneyland Resort. And now we can confirm that it is a legitimate rumor! In an effort to stay competitive in the Southern California theme park industry, executives at Disneyland Resort announced this morning that they will be adding ... Read more