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An extremely rare rain event at the Magic Kingdom. Photo by Andrew Evans [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr.

Rain every day at Walt Disney World? Must be global warming

Apparently it rains every day in the "Sunshine State"! BAY LAKE, FL -- Climate scientists and washed-up politicians are pointing to a "recent" weather phenomenon, and Florida's nickname, to bring awareness to global warming. One scientist thinks Florida will need to abandon its identity as "The Sunshine State" and return to just being known as The Peninsula State. On a recent trip to the most magical place on Earth [Ed.: What does Costco on a weekend have to do with Florida?], climatologist ... Read more
Constant sunshine, now mandatory all day, year-round in Florida.

Disney successfully lobbies for year-round daylight

"We'll save on lighting costs!" TALLAHASSEE, FL -- Florida's law making Daylight Savings Time permanent in the state is awaiting action from the U.S. Congress, but Disney has already moved onto its next time-shifting goal. With legislation passed earlier this week, Florida will now legally be required to have daylight year-round. Benefits for all! Most. Some? Uncle Walt's Insider was just about to phone up our favorite official source, Disney (the company) spokesperson Jun Disney (no relation), when Jun called us. She was eager and ... Read more