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TTA converts to pedestrian-only attraction. Photo by Uncle Walt, used without permission.

Sidewalks replace Peoplemover vehicles at Magic Kingdom

Feet: the original "people mover." MAGIC KINGDOM, FL -- Just in time for the amazing summer weather in Florida, officials at Walt Disney World have re-opened the Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover -- after the installation of sidewalks. Disney (the company) spokesthey [Ed.: What?] Jun Disney (no relation) spoke with our imbedded reporters [Ed.: What exactly are they imbedded in? And is it toxic?], exclaiming, "After a lengthy downtime of over one year, the future of transportation is here!" "Futuristic" "The new TTA Peoplemover is going ... Read more
Orlando International Airport's automated people mover. Photo by elisfkc [CC BY-SA 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons.

Orlando Airport tram: “It’s not a monorail”

A Colorado man makes it his mission to get people to recognize the truth. ORLANDO, FL -- Self-described “Disnerd” Neal Stutz of Golden, Colorado, is back in the news, continuing his crusade to get visitors to Orlando International Airport to stop referring to the Automated People Mover as a "monorail." As reported last November, airport security had to intervene when Stutz began shouting at another arriving passenger aboard one of the trams after that passenger referred to it as a monorail. “It’s ... Read more