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Little-known facts about Disneyland Paris!

Top 10 little-known facts about Disneyland Paris!

What better way to kick off a new series than with Walt's original park: Disneyland Paris! We're starting a new article series here at Uncle Walt's Insider, where we make up unearth some extraordinary facts about theme parks around the world and other park-related topics. Even the most diehard fans may not have heard the info we have! Since this is a new series, it just makes sense to start off with some incredible, newly-written-discovered trivia about Walt Disney's original theme park. So ... Read more
Galaxy's Edge, but in German. Photo courtesy Library of Congress and Disney.

BREAKING: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge coming to Disneyland Bavaria

Pictured: Artist's concept of Star Wars: Rand der Galaxie at Disneyland Bavaria. FUSSEN, GERMANY -- Europe's second Disney park has only been open a few years, but is apparently already getting a new land. According to an article in today's early edition of The Daily Churro, Disneyland Bavaria is the next park to get its own Star Wars land. Construction will begin shortly on the new "Schwarzer Spire Außenposten." Germany: home of stormtroopers Now that the skirmishes between Disneyland Bavaria and Disneyland Paris have died down, ... Read more
Artist's conception of the remodeled "Cinderellschwanstein Castle." Photos from Pixabay & Pxhere.

Disneyland Bavaria invades France; Disneyland Paris surrenders

Troubling brewing in the European parks. PARIS, FRANCE -- French news agency Agence France-Presse is reporting that Disneyland Paris surrendered to its Bavarian counterpart earlier today. Details are still sketchy, but apparently the park was responding to an invasion into French territory by Disneyland Bavaria Cast Members. Check back here for details as they surface. UPDATE Officials at Disneyland Paris confirm the surrender. In a translated statement, they express the desire to "maintain their culture and avoid the loss of life that resisting an invasion would ... Read more