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Recreating the Disney park experience at home

Creating Disney Parks at home; or, stay home long enough, and you'll start hallucinating Mickey too!

Why wait until the parks reopen to enjoy Disney magic where you are?

UNCLE WALT’S INSIDER H.Q., SVALBARD — We at Uncle Walt’s Insider feel your pain. We’re cooped up here in the office with nothing to do. (Well, most of us are. Uncle Walt is still touring the closed Walt Disney World). And we’ve run out of Disney YouTube videos.

But why sit around and mope? Until things return to normal, here are many things you can do in your own home to simulate being at a Disney park!

Create fake rides

A simple Slip-N-Slide can double for Splash Mountain! All it takes is some imagination, a few spare audio-animatronic figures, and Song of the South playing in the background on Disney+!

Don’t stop there! Have a haunted attic? It can be, let’s see, Cinderella Castle! Have a bathroom? Throw in some long blonde hair on the floor, and it’s the Tangled restrooms from Magic Kingdom. And any room can become Frozen Ever After if you make your family stand in line for two hours before entering!

Recreate that park atmosphere

There are some simple steps you can take to make it seem like your home is a Disney park:

Point at things with two fingers.

Charge everyone $12 for a hot dog.

Throw away your plastic straws and use rolled up paper tubes instead.

Just like Walt Disney, insist everyone use first names only. Yes, even the kids call mom & dad by their given names!

Turn one room into a gift shop. Make everyone go through it.

Pretend you’re a character, and pantomime all of your conversations for the day.

If you’re feeling nostalgic, print up some paper ticket books. (Of course, bathrooms are an E-ticket!)

You can even simulate all of Walt Disney World

Why stop at pretending your home is a single theme park. Here’s some tips to make it seem like you’re at the World!

If you need to leave the house, put up a “bus stop” sign and make everyone wait there for a half hour before departing.

Don’t let anyone sit at the dining room table without reservations. Place a trash can outside for them to eat on if they can’t be at the table.

Call your home a “resort.” Tell you’re family they can’t check in until 3:00.

Install your own functioning Magic Band system at home! (Instructions here.)

Install your own Rapid Fill reusable mug system at home! (Instructions here.)

Withdraw your entire bank savings account. Toss the cash into the fireplace in exchange for the fun you’re having.

Do you have any “Disney at home” tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover photo: Creating Disney Parks at home; or, stay home long enough, and you’ll start hallucinating Mickey too!