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Iger on Disney CEO search: “And then there were two”

Who could the two candidates be?

BURBANK, CA — As previously reported, Disney CEO Bob “Bob” Iger has deemed that the next CEO of the Walt Disney Company will be an internal candidate.

We haven’t heard much news in the intervening time, all our sources have been unusually tight lipped. But today, we got an anonymous email from someone in the Broadcast Production office. 

Anonymous email

“They’ve narrowed it down to two candidates. The final interview will be with both of them this Friday, April 14. And, we’re going to livestream it on Disney+!

“My team is tasked with setting up all the cameras. They haven’t said anything about the format of the interview, but they said ‘Be sure to schedule your best Audio Engineer, things could get hot.’

“They also said that we should prepare for a panel of 4 judges with lav mics, and the 2 candidates, for some reason, will be using handheld mics, and will need live IEMs. This is really unusual; usually you want to have everyone using the same type of microphone, and for a simple interview, you wouldn’t normally need IEMs. They also said there would be a DJ with their own equipment, but we should be prepared to plug their audio out into our feed.”

Is it just us, or does this sound like a rap battle?

Uncle Walt’s Insider attempted to verify the source and accuracy of the email, but we were unable to trace the email. [Ed.: All our IT guy could tell us is “it came from someone with an @disney.com email address, and the headers all appear legit for Disney’s domain.”]

So… what do you think will happen Friday???

For those of you not familiar with broadcast technology:

  • Lav = Lavalier Microphone. Typically small and clipped onto a shirt or jacket
  • Handheld = Microphone that is held by hand
  • IEM = In Ear Monitor. A small earphone which plays selected audio directly into the wearer’s ear. Typically used by musicians to hear their background music, or by reporters who aren’t in the studio, so they can hear what’s going on in the studio.
  • Disney = a big entertainment company that you really should have heard of before.

Who do you think the final two candidates are? Let us know in the comments below!

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