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Free things Disney will never charge extra for!

More fees for Walt Di$ney World? Photo via Pixabay, modified.

Finally, a list of some positive things about Disney!

BR’ER BANK, CA — We at Uncle Walt’s Insider have given The Disney Company and Bob “Bob” Chapek some grief about all of their recent extra-cost experiences. While, yes, they do give the impression that Disney is trying to squeeze every shiny dime out of their guests, there are some positive things to report.

You see, there are some things at Disney Parks, Resorts & Spas that are completely free to guests. Not only that, but we can report that these things will always be free!

So please enjoy our list of things that you’ll never have to pay extra for at a Disney park:

Theme park parking

Hmm, not quite sure how this got on the list. After all, the first Disney park, Disneyland, charged for parking from opening day onward. Fortunately, though, the price has not gone up, and you can still park your vehicle at any of Disney’s parks around the world for only 25 cents.

Resort parking

Okay, sorry. This used to be free for resort hotel guests. Not any more.


Really? Come on. Yeah, free Fastpasses have come and gone. Try again. 


Sigh. Never mind

[Walt: Get your act together, guys. Surely there are some free things that Disney will never charge for!] [Marty: We’re trying, boss. But with Chapek in charge, who knows?]

Park maps

Okay, good. But with the app, paper ones may start to cost extra.

Sitting on a park bench

As long as it isn’t being used for an exclusive dessert party.  

Celebration buttons

Not as confident on this one.  


We’re fairly sure that Disney will never charge for air (if only because it would be very difficult). [X: Couldn’t they just close the dome?] 

Giving money to the CEO

This is probably the only one we can guarantee will always be allowed without an extra charge.  

Can you think of any free things at Disney? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover photo: Money makes the Mouse go round. Photo [CC0] via Pixabay, modified.