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Walt Disney World Dome to be open during maintenance

Walt Disney World dome, when not open for maintenance. Photo copyright 2018 Google Maps.


WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL — The dome that encloses the Walt Disney World Resort will be left open for upcoming maintenance, a Disney Parks and Resorts representative announced Tuesday. Disney does not typically announce maintenance schedules for the dome, so we at Uncle Walt’s Insider are publishing a travel advisory as a courtesy to anyone who plans to visit the popular Florida destination.

We advise tourists who may not be familiar with the sun Florida uses to wear sunscreen, keep an umbrella or poncho handy, and do not look directly at the sun.

We also advise you also to keep an eye on food items. During this time, wildlife (such as birds) will be able to enter the property. These animals do not have the same training that the resident Disney animals have, so they will steal churros and less exciting snacks from unsuspecting guests.

Texans can carry on as normal, as they are tough and already acclimated to blistering direct sunlight.

Tourists from California are advised that prolonged exposure to the sun could cause cancer. Use of sunscreen could cause cancer. Umbrellas are made using chemicals that could cause cancer. A family history of cancer could cause cancer. Cancer advisories are suspected to lead to cancer.

British tourists should take extra precautions and place a thick covering of zinc oxide cream over their entire bodies. It will be unnoticeable for many of the British population.

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Cover photo of Walt Disney World dome, when not open for maintenance, copyright 2018 Google Maps.