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To prevent virus, Skyliner cars will be hermetically sealed

A few of the non-Disney gondolas. Photo by, used by permission, modified.

Officials were inspired by the new Disneyland masks.

WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL — The Walt Disney World Resort and Spa and Biological Warfare Factory has had its share of odd rules over the last year. To combat the pandemic, park officials have required guests to fully immerse themselves in hand sanitizer, prohibited wearing gators (presumably just on the face), and have enforced social distancing on it’s a small world dolls. But the latest step may be the oddest yet.

“We’re completely sealing the Skyliner cars once guests board,” Disney (the company) spokesperson Jun Disney (no relation) told Uncle Walt’s Insider. “This means the vents are welded shut, and we’re added a vacuum compression seal to the doors. No pesky viruses can get into the car while you travel!”

Air supply?

We asked Disney (no relation) if there might be problems for riders without the free flow of air, such as overheating or lack of oxygen. Disney (no relation) denied any issues.

“There’s plenty of air onboard for a quick trip. The only time there might be a problem is if the system shuts down, stranding riders in the air for hours. And that would never happen! As for the heat, as long as the temperatures stay below 85, we’ll be limited to minor cases of dehydration and heat exhaustion. It’s worth it to keep the virus out.”

But, we asked, what if the virus is in the car when the guests board? Won’t you be trapping them in with the virus, with no air flow to get rid of it?

“Hmm.” Disney (no relation) seemed stumped. “I’ll have to circle back to you on that.”

Maybe we’ll have to option to ride on the outside of the gondola, to avoid the virus inside? Comment below!

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Cover photo: Just breath normally. But only every two minutes or so. Photo by, used by permission, modified.