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Is Disney tracking guests via “NSA” desserts?

Maybe they'll call it "Monstro's Whale Tail" for a while. Photo © Disney, Carnival Corp., maybe.

The intelligence community is really into sugar-free cooking, apparently.

CASTAWAY CAY, BAHAMAS — Picture yourself aboard the magnificent Disney Fantasy cruise ship, where dreams come true, enchantment knows no bounds, and your bank account never recovers. Amidst the grandeur and wonder, an unexpected twist unfolds – you spy [Heh] a mysterious dessert labeled “NSA Apple Turnovers” in Cabana’s buffet. What gives?

While Disney insists that “NSA” stands for “No Sugar Added,” rumors abound that this sweet dessert reveals a secret alliance with the US National Security Agency.

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you

Yes, you read that right. According to sources we cannot disclose, the NSA has allegedly joined forces with Disney Cruise Line to create an unprecedented tracking mechanism hidden within these seemingly innocent turnovers. As unsuspecting passengers delight in their guilt-free treats, they may unknowingly be embarking on an espionage adventure fit for the silver screen.

The juxtaposition between “No Sugar Added” and the notorious “National Security Agency” couldn’t be more absurd. Disney’s clever play on words is merely a façade of virtuous healthiness concealing the covert collaboration behind the scenes. It’s as if Snow White herself is donning a black ops outfit while singing with the woodland creatures.

Yeah, we’d pay to see that movie

Disney remains tight-lipped about the real reason for the NSA acronym, vehemently denying any connection to clandestine operations. They insist the turnovers are merely a guilt-free pleasure for health-conscious guests. However, when confronted about the “No Sugar Added” explanation, Disney spokespersons mysteriously deflect inquiries with a wink and a smile, leaving us all to wonder what they’re trying to hide behind that animated grin.

Curiosity piques as conspiracy theories take root. Is this the stuff of corporate espionage or an elaborate plot worthy of the world’s most cunning spies? Some passengers report that after consuming the turnovers, they felt a sudden urge to break out into the “James Bond Theme” while navigating the ship’s deck.

Honestly, we do that without eating the turnovers

In response to these rumors, the NSA has remained characteristically silent. But one can’t help but picture Mickey Mouse, with his trademark white gloves, secretly concealing high-tech gadgets to surveil unsuspecting guests. Forget Donald Duck’s temper tantrums; it’s time to be worried about his cryptic quacking.

So the next time you set sail on a Disney Cruise, keep an eye out for those alluring NSA Apple Turnovers. Are they truly just a delightful treat or a cleverly disguised tracking tool? Will you be a participant in a whimsical fairy tale or characters in a real-life cloak-and-dagger operation?

As Walt Disney himself once said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

Is there a hidden message in that Walt quote? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover photo: Wait, is Carnival in on it too? Photo © Disney, Carnival Corp., maybe.