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Carnival Corporation buys Disney Cruise Line

Maybe they'll call it "Monstro's Whale Tail" for a while. Photo © Disney, Carnival Corp., maybe.

We can’t wait for Goofy’s Belly Flop Contest.

DORAL, FL — In a surprising move, returning Disney CEO Bob “Bob” Iger has agreed to unload Disney Cruise Line, selling its ships, branding, and assets to cruise mega-corporation Carnival. Disney Cruise Line will become another of Carnival Corporation’s current stable of 27 cruise brands, which already include Carnival, Princess, Holland America, Seabourn, P&O, Costa, Six Flags, SpaceX, Cedar Fair, and Kroger.

Uncle Walt’s Insider has learned that, at least for now, the former Disney cruise ships will still operate with Disney branding, and the experience will be completely unchanged. Well, mostly unchanged. There will no longer be characters on board (other than “Fun Ship Freddy“); the iconic Disney funnels will have Carnival’s red & blue “whale tail” added; and entertainment will be less Disney shows and more belly flop and hairy chest contests, along with the occasional brawl.

Left unchanged will be DCL’s extremely expensive fares.

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Cover photo: Maybe they’ll call it “Monstro’s Whale Tail” for a while. Photo © Disney, Carnival Corp., maybe.