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Happy Churro de Mayo!

Churros. Mmm... churros. Photo by Mark Mitchell [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr. Churros. Mmmmm....

Tomorrow is everyone’s favorite churro-based holiday!

UNCLE WALT’S H.Q., SVALBARD — Each year there are a number of holidays celebrated throughout the world, the top three being Christmas, Easter, and Uncle Walt’s Birthday. The fourth most celebrated holiday is, of course, Churro de Mayo!

That’s right! May 5th is of course the “Celebration of the Churro”! These tasty, cinnamon-sugar covered fried sticks of dough are the most popular food, anywhere.

A celebration of churro history and culture

Churros went unnoticed for many years, until Walt Disney devoted 53 episodes of The Magical World of Disney to the churro and the popularity soared. Soon this holiday began, and is now celebrated around the world!

Due to the expected Churro de Mayo crowds in Disney parks tomorrow, Disney will sell only churros at all outdoor vending locations, replacing popcorn, chimichangas, and those horrible cream cheese filled pretzels. [Ed.: I hope this is the nail in the coffin for those disgusting things…]

Churro, churro, churro, churro, churro, churro…

Meet and greets with characters will be replaced with opportunities to meet the various churro chefs at the parks. Times will be limited, as they will only be available to meet during their normal break time.

There will also be churro cooking demonstrations, bands performing hit songs about churros, the “Festival del Churro” Parade, the always-amazing Disney Churro Dance Squad performing their award winning Dance of the Churro, and of course the night will end with the nighttime spectacular, “Churro! – Presented by McCormick.”

Uncle Walt’s Insider staff will of course be present. Will we see you there?

How will you celebrate Churro de Mayo? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover photo: Disney Parks and Resorts and Spas prepare for Churro de Mayo. Photo by Mark Mitchell [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr. Churros. Mmmmm….