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Every state has a favorite theme park food! What’s yours?

Favorite Disney foods by state.

Part of an ongoing state survey series! See herehere and here.

Mmmm, food at Disney theme parks! What could be better, especially if you don’t like money?!

Most folks have a favorite food in the Disney parks, and our research has found that each U.S. state has one overwhelmingly favorite! In fact, every state but Hawai’i (which naturally prefers Dole whips) overwhelming loves churros more than anything. Churros are the clear winner!

We did find two unusual pockets of dissent worth noting. Apparently there are two small areas, one in Colorado and another in north Texas, which favor cream cheese-filled pretzels over churros(!). It turns out the pretzel-loving location just happens to overlap with the Federal SuperMax prison outside of Florence, CO, where all of the terrorists are kept. No clue what’s going in Texas. The crazy Texans are usually in Austin.

So here are your favorite Disney foods by state, in case you haven’t gotten the joke yet:

Alabama – Churros
Alaska – Churros
Arizona – Churros
Arkansas – Churros
California – Churros
Colorado – Churros, except terrorists like cream cheese-filled pretzels
Connecticut – Churros
Delaware – Churros
District of Columbia – Churros
Florida – Churros
Georgia – Churros
Hawai’i – Dole whip
Idaho – Churros
Illinois – Churros
– Churros
Iowa – Churros
Kansas – Churros
Kentucky – Churros
Louisiana – Churros
Maine – Churros
Maryland – Churros
Massachusetts – Churros
Michigan – Churros
Minnesota – Churros
Mississippi – Churros
Missouri – Churros
Montana – Churros
– Churros
Nevada – Churros
New Hampshire – Churros
New Jersey – Churros
New Mexico – Churros
New York – Churros
North Carolina – Churros
North Dakota – Churros
Ohio – Churros
Oklahoma – Churros
Oregon – Churros
Pennsylvania – Churros 
Rhode Island 
– Churros
South Carolina – Churros
South Dakota – Churros
Tennessee – Churros
Texas – Churros
Utah – Churros
Vermont – Churros
Virginia – Churros
Washington – Churros
West Virginia – Churros
Wisconsin – Churros
Wyoming – Churros

Did you like churros, or are you a terrorist? Let us know in the comments!

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