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8 surprising facts about Universal Studios Idaho

Entrance to Universal Studios Hollywood

4. It will soon have the world’s longest roller coaster – Universal Idaho’s next main attraction is due to open in Fall 2018, a roller coaster themed to its parent company’s recently re-reacquired cartoon mascot Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. And at 300 feet long, it will be the world’s longest. Okay, you may not think that’s long for a roller coaster, but that’s actually the length of the car! The ride itself is only a quarter mile long and just goes up 75 feet.

3. Guns are welcome – This is Idaho, after all. California can choose to be one giant “gun-free” zone for all we care, but we welcome open carry even in the park. Just please, for the love of all that is holy, make sure your firearm is securely stowed before riding one of the roller coasters!

2. It attracts hundreds of visitors each year – It may be remote, but Universal Studios Idaho is the hopping place to be, especially for locals as far away as Salmon, Stanley and Butte City. The theme park side of the Studios is sometimes visited by two or three families in a single day! (That may not sound like much, but Idaho families tend to be pretty big.)

1. It doesn’t actually exist – I’m so sorry. I made it all up. I was just hoping someone will read this article without getting all the way through it to this point and plan a trip to Idaho. We are so lonely here, so very lonely. Please come visit Idaho! Please?

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