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8 surprising facts about Universal Studios Idaho

Entrance to Universal Studios Hollywood

It’s the Gem State’s best-loved combination theme park and working movie studio — but there are some things which might surprise you about Universal Studios Idaho! Special correspondent Milo Wortham from VisitIdaho.com shares his favorite facts about the park:

8. It is the most remote major theme park – Located centrally in the state, just outside Challis, Idaho, in the shadow of Lone Pine Peak, Universal Studios Idaho is officially the most remote major theme park in the world. It is almost 300 miles from the closest real population center, Salt Lake City (Boise doesn’t count), and over 400 miles from Portland and Seattle!

7. Abundant potatoes keep the food prices low – It’s Idaho, and we grow more potatoes than we know what to do with, so they are cheap and plentiful. And at Universal Idaho, you’ll find that most dishes in quick service and table service restaurants alike incorporate potatoes in some form or fashion. Try the Spudburger!!

6. The Wizarding World will have to wait – Unlike its Hollywood and Orlando cousins, Universal Studios Idaho does not have its own version of the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. When granting tax incentives for the park to be built, Idaho legislators were very clear that no “wand waving and broom riding” was welcome in the state, at least until they figured out whether J.K. Rowling was evil or just telling a story.

5. Its nickname? The “Extras Capital of the U.S.” – “Extras” as in movie extras, that is. The working side of the Studios is blessed with an abundance of bored Idahoans wanting something to do, so they never have trouble casting extras for the background scenes in their films. Even for productions with big crowd scenes in the background, casting agents usually have to turn away droves of locals looking to pass the time.

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