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Fireworks and CM softball. Photo by X.

Cast Member softball: winners get free admission to WDW!

They also get free clothing and a role to play! WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- In last week's article about the Cast Member Softball Tournament now underway at the Walt Disney World Resort and Spa, we reported that Cast Members were playing as if their very jobs were on the line. Because they are. However, we failed to report about the reward awaiting the winning team members. And we have to admit, the first-place prize makes the risk of unemployment totally worthwhile: The winning ... Read more
Fireworks and CM softball. Photo by X.

Jobs on the line as Cast Member softball tournament begins

The losing teams in this annual "Hunger Games"-style event will be out of work. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- Companies around the globe sponsor softball leagues for their employees, and the Walt Disney Company and Spa is no exception. But as the Fall softball tournament and spa kicks off today for Walt Disney World Cast Members, there's an undercurrent of fear among the players. You see, as a "encouragement to excellence," these Cast Members know their jobs are on the line if ... Read more