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Perky and popular Stacey (number three). Image courtesy ResortTV1 via YouTube.

Fourth Stacey clone debuts

No one person can be that perky for 14 years. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- She's been a fixture on Walt Disney World resort room televisions since 2005, as the perky and popular host of "Must Do Disney." She's Stacey, and she's about to be replaced. It's not the first time. I want to be a clone "Stacey's great," says George Kalogridis, President of the Walt Disney World Resort and Spa, "but she's so cheerful and animated in her appearances. She's bubblier than anyone I ... Read more
Is Minnie still alive? Photo [CC0] via Pxhere.

Publicity stunt? Minnie Mouse very much alive

Guests report seeing Minnie Mouse since her supposed demise earlier this week. DISNEYLAND, CA -- Less than one week after Uncle Walt's Insider reported that a feral cat had eaten Minnie Mouse, some guests report seeing Minnie alive and well in the park. This is not only extremely suspicious, but raises several questions. What really happened? How could this have happened? Here are the possibilities, starting with the most likely and going to the least: (1) It was all a hoax, staged by Disney, in order ... Read more