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The easiest Disney/Pixar character to make at home. Photo courtesy DIsney/Pixar.

“Forky” not the merchandising hit Disney hoped

Even Disney fans won't shell out 20 bucks for something they can easily make at home. BURBANK, CA -- The fourth installment in the Toy Story Cinematic Universe is going strong at the box office. Unfortunately, merchandise sales haven't spiked like they usually do with the introduction of a new, lovable character. Disney designers hoped that "Forky," the arts-and-crafts project of human child Bonnie, would be the Porg of the new series -- the "must-have" plush toy of Toy Story 4. Miscalculation Unfortunately, the planners failed ... Read more
Posters for the current and future Toy Story films. Posters by Disney/Pixar; Question mark by Mouser font via GIMP.

Ten new films announced in the Toy Story Cinematic Universe

"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in." Woody, Toy Story 3 EMERYVILLE, CA -- Since 1995, we've thrilled to the adventures of Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and their friends. The Toy Story movies have taught us about friendship, loyalty, love and trust. But more than that, the Toy Story films teach us this: no matter how many times you think the story is over, they can always think of one more! And we're not just talking about the gritty live-action ... Read more