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Downtown OWA in Foley, AL, which looks exactly like Disney Springs if you've been up for 48 hours. And squint. Photo by Walt, used without permission but with some snark.

CORRECTION: Disney Springs is open, people are actually going

Hey, we get some things right, occasionally. DISNEY SPRINGS, FL -- Uncle Walt's Insider previously reported that no one is going Disney Springs in spite of it being open for business. It turns out that might have not been 100% correct. Or 50% correct. Or at all correct. It was a big misunderstanding. Our own Uncle Walt drove to Orlando for over 48 hours straight (the drive from Svalbard is pretty long) and thought he had arrived. In his sleep-deprived state, he thought that ... Read more
An apology for Uncle Walt.

An apology from your beloved Uncle Walt

Walt insisted we keep "beloved" in the title. UNCLE WALT'S INSIDER H.Q., SVALBARD -- Hi fans, thanks for visiting. It has come to my attention that my totally original, first of it's kind idea for a Food Blog, along with a totally not ripped off idea for a logo and theme, was recently abused by the staff of UWI. Specifically, Ub. X did a beautiful job writing about the awesome Mickey Bars. I wasn't happy that the very first article wasn't about ... Read more