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(Step)Moms Panel: Walt Disney World or Disneyland?

UWI Step Moms Panel

The Uncle Walt’s Insider (Step) Moms Panel answers your real questions with their own totally reliable advice. [Lawyer-mandated disclaimer: do NOT rely on this advice. Our panel of experts may or may not be actual stepmoms, but they are definitely evil.]

“Dear (Step) Moms: I’ve never been to either Disneyland or Walt Disney World, and I live about halfway between them. It looks like I’ll be able to go (solo) to one of them in January. Which way should I go — Florida or California?” — Arjun Stroud, Lincoln NE


Dear R.J.: Why limit yourself to one of them?

My favorite Disney park touring plan is two nights at Walt Disney World, two nights at Disneyland, three more nights at Walt Disney World, then end with four days park-hopping between the two resorts, catching everything you missed.

And if you’re really adventurous (and loaded), add on one more day and get the Mega Park Hopper, so you can spend the day visiting all fourteen Disney parks around the globe! Have a fun trip, and let us know what you decide!


Howdy, Arjun. Ah dun know if Ah can schpeak Nebrashkafolkish, but Ah’m durn sure gunna try.

Now ya shee, the key to shelechtin’ yershelf a themish park, it’s all about schpace. And fer that there reason, Ah’m gunna hafta recommend ya schtick with the great wide open shky of Shix Flags Over Texas. Why, ya might as well git yershelf one a’ them there Sheasonal Passhes. Why, they’ve even got themshelves a water parade, where you get to sheat yershelf right there nexsht to some road, shee, and you get ta watch as water flows on by – an exshperiencshe that ya ain’t gonna git nowhere elshe.

Thanksh fer writin’!

(Geez. This writing in Nebraska-speak is exhausting! Can we not take any more questions from Nebraska? And please delete this comment before we publish, as I don’t want the reader to see it and get offended.)


Just don’t go to Walt Disney World. There are already enough people there without you. 


Oddly enough, I find myself agreeing with Harriet’s advice, although for vastly different reasons. Don’t go to Disney World, go to Disneyland.

Although Walt’s original park is much smaller than its Florida counterpart, it actually has more attractions. And less chance of hurricanes. And no love bugs. And if you still need further persuading, California has many fine dining establishments that Florida lacks, such as In ‘N’ Out burger, Jack In The Box, and more than one Del Taco in the entire state.


Good heavens, the love bugs. Make them stop. I’m ready for an extinction-level event.


Hi Arjun, thanks for asking.

I would check with your local authorities to find out if you’re allowed to travel to California. I’m not sure California officials allow anyone to come into the state unless you’re from south of the Rio Grande. That will make your decision easier to make!

Either way, be sure you rent a child if you decide to go alone!

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