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(Step)Moms Panel: Due to the virus, could Trump and Biden debate as audio-animatronics?

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“Dear (Step)Moms: It looks like people are still fearful of getting the virus, and that there may be fewer presidential debates. I have an idea: Disney could create a Biden audio-animatronic, and then it and the Trump animatronic could debate each other. What do you think?” – Jen O’M. D., Philadelphia PA


Actually, I think Disney has already created a Biden animatronic. It’s what has been handling his remote appearances.

Obviously, though, there are still some major software issues to work out before it’s ready to handle a debate.


Hi Dr. Jon, thanks for asking.

Marty is right. You know how I know? I read it on the internet.


Just don’t go to the Hall of Vice Presidents. There are enough people there without you.


Hello, Jennifer. True, the Trump animatronic is slightly more able to use complete sentences than the real one, but it’d still be a difficult debate to listen to.


I love that idea. Thing is, I don’t know if you can make an animatronic expressive enough to show either of them in the proper light.

However, to help with selling this as being real, they could have the two animatronics stand with a plexiglass wall between them, and they could occasionally spit hydraulic fluid at one another.

I’m not sure how we’ll be able to demonstrate Vice-President Joe’s blond leg hairs. That might take some work.

Baby Yoda:


Yes. Ew.

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