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Top 12 little-known facts about California Adventure!

Little-known facts about California Adventure!

Our little-known “facts” series continues!

Disney’s California Adventure would have been Walt’s favorite park if he’d been alive to stop it. But how much do you really know about this former parking lot? We’ve done the research so you don’t have to!

So settle in for some incredible, newly-written-discovered trivia about California Adventure!

It’s not actually themed to California, but a different state with the same name

We’re not sure which one.

Imagineers still look back fondly at the years they spent working on the park

They refer to the time as a “paid vacation,” since they didn’t really have to design anything new.

The loop on California Screamin’ (now the Incredicoaster) was inspired by the Sun Wheel/Mickey’s Fun Wheel/Pixar Pal-a-round

Specifically, one of the Imagineers said, “ #$&^  it, we’re adding a  #@*%^$!  Ferris wheel, so why not?”

There have been six drownings at Turtle Talk with Crush

They do warn you not to try to jump in the tank.

Radiator Springs is a made up city 

We’re actually not completely sure about this. Marty swears he’s been there.

Over 1,000 pounds of chemicals (some caustic) are released into the air of Radiator Springs daily

Just to maintain that new car smell.

The park’s version of “Festival of the Lion King” isn’t nearly as good as the one at Florida’s Animal Kingdom

Somehow their shoehorning Marvel characters into the story just doesn’t work. (Except for T’Challa, of course.)

The Buena Vista Street trolley is capable of speeds up to 275 miles per hour, just like the bullet train in Japan

They keep it throttled back now, after that one mass-casualty event in 2018.

The top of Grizzly River Run offers the most scenic view in the state of California

Yosemite Valley is #2.

California Adventure is the only Disney park to not feature Hidden Mickeys

Instead, they have “Hidden Gavins.” [Note: Update this article after the recall.] 

If you sneak into the park over a fence, you will not be arrested

In fact, they will give you free food, free clothing, a few hundred bucks spending money each day, and a room at the Grand Californian Resort, Spa & Immigration facility. The park is based on California, after all.

Just like the state of California, everything inside of the park is fake 

And will probably cause cancer.

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