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Twitter permanently bans @RealDonaldDuck

Now that he can't tweet, think of what he'll do with all this new time on his hands! Image © Disney.

First they came for the ducks, but I did not speak out because I was not a duck…

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Complete Unbiased® social media giant Twitter is permanently banning the @RealDonaldDuck account from ever tweeting again.

Head Twit Jack Dorsey announced the move today. “We try to understand The Donald’s tweets, but they are just uncomprehensible most of the time. So given his anger issues and his blatant Nazi past, we figured he must be inciting violence.”

Uncle Walt’s Insider will keep you posted on any developments, assuming we don’t get silenced by our tech overlords as well.

Which Disney character will be banned next? Comment below!

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Cover photo: Now that he can’t tweet, think of what he’ll do with all this new time on his hands! Image © Disney.