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Frozen 33-1/3 and more, coming soon to Disney+!

We're disappointed. We thought we'd be able to see the potato. Photo [CC0] via Pikist.

Since the Mulan remake is such a success, here are more smash hits coming to Disney+!

MY LIVING ROOM — In the biggest news since introduction of the potato cam, the Disney Company has announced the next several months of releases for their streaming service, Disney+. We’ve gone through and compiled a list of all the titles you probably missed when you looked.

Lesser Known Films, Remakes, Sequels

Beauty and the Beats – Emma Watson reprises her role as Belle, in this live action sequel nobody knew they wanted. After finding her prince, Belle decides that she wants to become a famous DJ. Unfortunately, her quiet little town in France isn’t exactly the most happening place around. Will she leave her ‘Happily Ever After’ to pursue her dreams of EDM glory?

Fast And The Furious 87 – Just like the previous 86 movies in this franchise, there’s a lot of illegal street racing, heists, and spies. 

Frozen 33-1/3 – Queens Elsa and Anna have been separated to rule their two kingdoms. So who gets custody of Olaf? The lawyers get involved, and that’s no fun for anyone.

The Open – The tragic story of what happens when the third best tennis player in the world accidentally hits a line judge with a ball. The other players (minus the first and second best players in the world, who are not playing in this tournament) have to compete to see who can be the first first-time major winner in 8 years. [Ed.: We should double check this. I think this actually happened on ESPN2 a few weeks ago, not a new release on Disney+.]

Live-action 101 Dalmations – Yet another poorly CGI-d “Live Action” remake of a movie that nobody really wants to see remade. Just stop already.

Are there any other live action remakes you’d like to see? A Bug’s Life, maybe? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover photo: Disney+’s beloved potato cam. Photo [CC0] via Pikist.