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Every 2019 Disney cruise will stop at Castaway Cay

Disney's Castaway Cay -- now on every itinerary! Photo by Josh Hallett [CC BY-SA 2.0] via Flickr.

Pacific and European itineraries will add many days at sea to reach the private island.

CELEBRATION, FL — Passengers on Disney Cruise Line’s many Caribbean itineraries have long enjoyed a visit to Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island in the Bahamas. But beginning in 2019, every Disney cruise, no matter where its primary destination, will included a day at the tropical paradise!

Secluded and beautiful

When Disney began operating cruise ships back in 1632 [Note: double-check this before publication], it was the very first cruise line to have its own private island. The Disney Company’s fleet of warships forcibly took the island from Spanish control (see Wikipedia, The Battle of Gorda Cay) in 1634. They then fought off pirates for the next several years to maintain control, leading to a unique island paradise, a theme park ride, and several movies.

At first, of course, Disney Cruise Line only had two ships, the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder. And because they only had itineraries in the Caribbean, every cruise could include at day or two at Castaway Cay.

Recently, though, DCL added two new ships, the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy, and with the new ships came added ports and destinations. Several other new ships are being added to their fleet as well, including the Disney Nina, the Disney Pinta, the Disney Santa Maria, and the Symphony of the Seas. With many ships now cruising the Mediterranean Sea, crossing the Panama Canal, exploring the glaciers of Alaska, or circling the waters of Bay Lake, Castaway Cay was no longer within easy reach.

Problem solved

Disney reportedly disliked having so many cruises unable to visit Castaway Cay, so it was announced this week that Castaway Cay would be added to every itinerary. This will, obviously, require expanding most of the non-Caribbean itineraries to include the island. For example, one of the shorter cruises DCL offers is its “2-Night Baja Mexico” cruise, with this itinerary:

  • Day 1: Depart from San Diego, California
  • Day 2: Ensenada, Mexico
  • Day 3: Return to San Diego

With Castaway Cay added, the same 2-day cruise now looks like this:

  • Day 1: Depart from San Diego, California
  • Day 2: Ensenada, Mexico
  • Day 3: At sea
  • Day 4: At sea
  • Day 5: At sea
  • Day 6: At sea
  • Day 7: Full transit, Panama Canal eastbound
  • Day 8: At sea
  • Day 9: At sea
  • Day 10: At sea
  • Day 11: At sea
  • Day 12: At sea
  • Day 13: Castaway Cay
  • Day 14: At sea
  • Day 15: At sea
  • Day 16: At sea
  • Day 17: At sea
  • Day 18: At sea
  • Day 19: Full transit, Panama Canal westbound
  • Day 20: At sea
  • Day 21: At sea
  • Day 22: At sea
  • Day 23: At sea
  • Day 24: Return to San Diego

Pretty exciting for a two-day cruise, isn’t it?!

Do you think the fares will go up on the 2-day cruise? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover photo of Disney’s Castaway Cay — now on every itinerary — by Josh Hallett [CC BY-SA 2.0] via Flickr.