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Disney website crashes after news of Escanaba park breaks

Sorry for the inconvenience, folks!

THE INTERNET — Disney’s website crased on Friday. Disney spokesperson Barry Poppins (no relation) confirms “Apparently our servers were overloaded. After we got everything back up, we looked at the logs, and all we saw were searches for ‘Escanaba’, ‘Upper Peninsula’, and, for some reason, ‘Jeff Daniels’. We’re not sure of the connection.”

Well, we here at Uncle Walt’s Insider know what the connection is. We recently broke the news that Disney is opening a park in Escanaba. Unfortunately, after Disney’s website crashed, so did ours. We got so many hits that the poor hamster that powers our server drank all his water, and refused to get back on the hamster wheel. (Ed.: That, and Ub forgot to clean his cage last week, so there may have been a protest going on.)

We have cleaned the cage, added a second hamster, and also put a few extra water bottles in their cage for them, so this shouldn’t happen again. Rest assured, dear reader (Ed.: All 10,000 of you), your favorite site for entertaining, amusing, and satirical Disney news isn’t going anywhere.

(Ed.: Being serious for once, no hamsters were harmed in the making of this site. All our data is stored in the cloud. And then it rained. That’s not good.)

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