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Disney buys Zoom; annual passes start at $699 per person

The new DiZOOMney logo.

What a bargain, right?

SAN JOSE, CA — In an age of remote meetings, teleconferencing service Zoom has become indispensable to many people. So naturally Disney has bought it.

In news that broke yesterday, the Walt Disney Company has acquired Zoom and is restructuring its pricing. Gone will be free unlimited 40-minute meetings. Instead, the first three five-minute meetings will be free; after that, any meeting participant must have a Annual Pass. 

Disney (the company) spokesperson Jun Disney (no relation) gave us the details.

“Marvel backgrounds”

“It’s still an amazing deal,” Disney (no relation) claims. “For just a base level ‘Goofy’ AZP [Annual Zoom Pass] at $699 per person, you get unlimited Zoom meetings with anyone else who has an AZP. For the more advance ‘Mickey’ AZP, at $999, you get all the benefits of the Goofy pass, plus a 10% merchandise discount at the Disney Store online, and exclusive virtual video backgrounds, including Star Wars and Marvel backgrounds. And we also have the ‘Fab Five’ family plan, with up to five users covered for only $1999 per year — a savings of almost $1500!”

There’s also a more exclusive Zoom plan, Disney (no relation) says.

“Yeah, if you’re in the Scrooge McDuck range of income, we do also offer the ‘Club 33’ Annual Zoom Pass, which gives you the right to make reservations on behalf of others who aren’t members. But there’s a ten-year wait list for that one.”

Maybe they’ll offer a sweet deal for D23 members? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover photo: The new DiZOOMney logo.