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Disney+ announces cable-based “Everything Bundle” for $290/month

Just a few of the channels that will come into your home by a wire!

The innovative partnership with Time Warner will require your home to be connected to cable or fiber.

LOS ANGELES, CA — Earlier this week, Disney announced the pricing of its new streaming service, Disney+. At the time, they also described a bundled service that includes Hulu & ESPN+ for just $13 per month.

Now Disney+ is swinging for the fences, with a new “Everything Bundle” that will include every TV channel currently in existence, for only $290 per month! For the new bundle, Disney is partnering with Time Warner Cable.


Disney+ (the company) spokesperson Jun Disney+ (no relation) is excited about the new offering.

“Time Warner has this incredible new technology where they can bring literally hundreds of television channels into your home! All it takes is just a coax cable or fiber optic line,” Disney+ (no relation) tells Uncle Walt’s Insider. “And no internet connection is required!”

“Customer service excellence”

“Disney (the company) is known for its customer service excellence,” Disney+ (no relation) continues. “And Time Warner is known for being a company. We think it’s a perfect match!”

Disney+ (no relation) said that the new service will begin sometime between November 1 and December 12. New customers must have someone at home during that time.

She also hinted at greater things to come: “I can’t go into detail, but they’re working on something that will actually let you plug your telephone into the wall of your house! Think of that!”

Will you be signing up? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover photo: Just a few of the channels that will come into your home by a wire!