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Cruise line trend: shore excursions without leaving the ship

A new trend in cruising: shore excursions without leaving the ship!

Other cruise lines are now copying Disney’s September 2017 dock encounter.

ROATÁN — As Uncle Walt’s Insider reported last year, the Disney Dream backed into a dock at the Port of Nassau, when the Captain was letting his teenage son practice parallel parking. Apparently the Disney Cruise Line is still a trendsetter in the industry, as other cruise lines are experimenting with combining land and sea adventures without leaving the ship:

The video shows a test run of the MSC Armonia cruise ship’s new “Raotán Dock Encounter” shore excursion. A MSC Cruise Line spokesperson tells Uncle Walt’s that the new excursion will allow cruisers to experience “all the fun of being on the dock, but without ever having to leave the ship.”

Will this trend catch on? As always, Uncle Walt’s Insider will keep you informed of this and any other trends in the cruise industry.

Would you enjoy a “dock encounter” on your cruise? Let us know in the comments below!

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