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Second Slinky Dog Dash car tangled beyond repair

Hopelessly tangled Slinky Dog Dash vehicle. Photo by J Marsh [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr.

Even giant Slinkies are irresistible to play with — and easy to tangle.

WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL — Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is not yet open, but one of its prime attractions has suffered another setback.

As reported last November, one of the coaster cars for the new Slinky Dog Dash became tangled just two months after arriving at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Workers were cautioned against playing with the Slinky-themed vehicle, but apparently found it irresistible, making it walk down giant stairs and having it expand and contract. After the vehicle’s springy shape hooked in on itself, the workers spent weeks trying to untangle it, but only succeeded in making it worse.

A replacement ride vehicle was ordered and arrived last week — but in a repeat of November’s debacle, cast members tangled the car within hours of its arrival. Disney does not release details on employee discipline, but Uncle Walt’s Insider has been told that at least three longtime cast members have been suspended. [UPDATE: An as-yet-unconfirmed rumor has surfaced that the car became tangled in Imagineer Joe Rohde’s earring. We will update this story as details become available.]

Park officials state that the opening of Toy Story Land later this month will not be delayed. However, with one fewer ride vehicle, the guest capacity of Slinky Dog Dash will be limited. Guests are advised to expect extremely long waits for the ride.

Have you ever tangled a Slinky? Or a roller coaster car? Comment below!

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Cover photo of hopelessly tangled Slinky Dog Dash vehicl by J Marsh [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr.