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No longer a hoax? Gondola system apparently being a built

Disney Skyliner artist's conception. (c) 2017 Disney.

What started as an April Fools joke has reached the point of no return.

WALT DISNEY WORLD — What a difference a few months can make. Uncle Walt’s Insider was to first to report that the Disney “Skyliner” at the Walt Disney World Resort was just an elaborate prank that got out of hand, but now the laugh is on us — the Skyliner is actually being completed!

As spokesperson Jun Disney (no relation) told us at the time, “It started with some posts we read on Disney fan sites. Some of the more obsessive fans noticed that Walt Disney World had filed permit requests for buildings that the fans thought looked like gondola stations. The imagineers read that and thought, hey, it would be funny to act like that was true.

“So we faked up more plans, and ‘artist’s renderings,’ and had an announcement made, and people totally bought into it. It was hilarious.”

Didn’t get the memo

As we reported in April, though, not everyone in the company was aware that it was a prank.

“Before we knew it, all of the sudden there were construction sites being fenced off on the property, and land was being cleared,” Disney (no relation) shared.

At the time of our previous article, Disney admitted the whole plan was a just a joke to prevent further costs — but then a surprising thing happened.

Might as well

Disney (no relation) explains, “Turns out the biggest expense in building a gondola system over Florida swampland is pouring the foundations for the towers, and that had already been done. The bean counters did some figuring, and found it would be more cost-effective just to continue building the system!

“So guess what? We’re actually getting a gondola at Walt Disney World!”

The no-longer-fictional-Skyliner has been announced to be operational by the end of Spring 2019. No word yet about the opening of the gondola link between Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

What do you think? Could it still be a joke? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover photo, the artist’s fake conception of the no-longer-fake Skyliner, (c) 2017 Disney.