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Confirmed: new Disney Skyliner will connect with Disneyland

Disney Skyliner artist's conception. (c) 2017 Disney.

The magical Orlando-to-Anaheim gondola ride is expected to take almost four days.

Last year’s announcement of a gondola transportation system coming to the Walt Disney World Resort has excited Disney fans worldwide, and launched many heated discussions on Uncle Walt’s Insider user forums. Now Uncle Walt’s can confirm that the new “Disney Skyliner” system is coming to the Disneyland Resort in California. The new Skyliner will not only operate within Disneyland, but will actually ferry guests between the California and Florida resort properties.

A new “highway in the sky”

Sharp-eyed (and obsessive) Disney fans first suspected a gondola system was on the way in February of last year, when the Walt Disney World Resort filed for construction permits for buildings whose footprints and positioning matched what such a system would require. The Walt Disney Company confirmed last summer that its new “Skyliner” system would transport guests between Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and several resort hotels on the property.

Since the announcement, Disney guests have observed multiple construction areas at Walt Disney World. Skyliner construction is occurring in front of the Studios entrance, near the International Gateway at Epcot, near the Caribbean Beach Resort and Spa, between the Pop Century Resort and Spa and the Art of Animation Resort and Spa, and near the site of the coming Disney’s Riviera Resort and Spa and Spa.

More than just Florida

The same unhealthily obsessive Disney fans have now uncovered shocking new additional information. Not content to monitor filings only in Florida’s Orange County and Osceola County, sharp-eyed fanatics have found filings for construction of gondola system structures across eight different states. The structures trace a line northward in Florida and then westward to California.

Projected path of interstate Skyliner. Image (c) 2018 Google / Maps.

Projected path of interstate Skyliner. Image (c) 2018 Google / Maps.

Uncle Walt’s staffers contacted our favorite source for ultra-reliable inside information, Disney spokesperson Jun Disney (no relation). Ms. Disney (no relation) confirms that the Skyliner will indeed connect the two coasts.

“We are just certain that our guests will enjoy the Skyliner ride so much,” Ms. Disney (no relation) says, “that we thought it would make sense to link our two U.S. properties and give them the option to travel between California and Florida without having to leave the Disney magic behind.”

Skyliner across the ocean?

Ms. Disney (no relation) confirms that this interstate link may be just the beginning. “If this is as popular as we think it will be, we’ll be looking into overseas gondola links as well. Eventually we may have all fourteen Disney parks worldwide connected on the Skyliner!”

The Skyliner will travel at a projected 25 miles per hour, so the almost 2200-mile trip between the resorts will take approximately 88 hours. Disney officials expect that guests won’t mind the extended ride, however, as it will include a one-hour layover at the Terrell, Texas, Buc-ee’s.

Are you as excited as we are to cross the U.S.A. by gondola? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover photo artist’s conception of the boring Florida-only part of the Skyliner (c) 2017 Disney.