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Shutdown bonus: Epcot 2.0 will be foldable!

Epcot 2.0 Foldable. Concept art © Disney.

It’s the new trend in smart phone and theme park design.

WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL — As anticipation builds over Samsung’s new foldable smart phones, Disney Imagineers are using the technology in a new area: theme parks. Yes, after the current renovations, Epcot will be foldable!

Uncle Walt’s Insider spoke with Disney Imagineering chief Bob “Obviously the next Disney CEO” Weis about the changes.

“It’s something we couldn’t have done while the parks remained open,” said Bob “What is it with all these Disney execs named Bob?” Weis.

Hooray for lengthy shutdowns!

“You know, Disney Imagineering has always been all about new ideas and innovation, except for that one period we don’t like to talk about. [Ed.: the “California Adventure Era.”] This shutdown gave us the opportunity to dream big, and to do something no theme park has ever done!”

But a foldable park, we asked?

“It’s a natural development,” Weis explained. “Epcot has always been two parks in one. So it only makes sense to install massive hinges and hydraulic folding mechanisms between World Showcase and Future World!”

We had more questions — well, one, really. “Why?” But Weis had to get to a meeting with another Disney executive [Ed.: probably named “Bob.”]

Is your name Bob? Would you like a job in Disney management? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover photo: Epcot 2.0 Foldable. Concept art © Disney.